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Started with an ongoing appetite for new music and the underlying relations between musicians the idea for Audish grew (see my elevator pitch). With the help of Spotify Audish tries to get specific recommendations based on the artists of the festival TakeRoot in Groningen. Check out the upcoming TakeRoot Presents acts.

"But Spotify sucks"

I hear you! You prefer minted limited edition LP's or second hand CD's of forgotten beauties. But currently there are 50.000 tracks daily added on Spotify, so there are enough tracks to discover for everyone.

"Your recommendations sucks"

With Audish I'm trying to improve the recommendations of Spotify; more based on existing artists and their relations. But the Spotify API is very limited and focused on the artist. My main wish is getting the producer, writer for a richer network mapping of genre and subgenre. There is a way to get song recommendations based on the musical positiveness (valence), tempo or acousticness but generates the usual suspects (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, etc). Currently Audish is in beta and I'm still finetuning, please let me know what needs to be improved.

Roadmap of ideas

  • Dark Mode.
  • Connect Discogs – difficult due to new atists (Discogs is also moderated by other users.)
  • Add the artists of previous editions.
  • Gender distribution – I'm predicting (and hoping) a rise of female roots artists.
  • Adding other festival based on genre – Rhythm & Blues, Rock-it, Eurosonic/Noorderslag.
  • Focus on new and emerging artists.
  • Live filters.
  • Auto-height of Spotify playlist.
  • Get Best of Playlists of Artists based on the popular tracks of all the artists albums.


First my dad for introducing me on an early age with the cosmic country of The Flying Burrito Brothers, second the great city of Groningen with great infrastructure of genres: Pop (Eurosonic), Roots (SPOT – TakeRoot), Rhythm & Blues (SPOT – Groningen) and underground music (Vera Groningen). And of course this couldn't be made possible without the streaming giant Spotify. Audish is built with Laravel and Tabler Icons and uses the images from Spotify.

Nothing beats live

See me at the Frazey Ford (SPOT), Weening Sounds (Vera Groningen), Down the Rabbit Hole (Beuningen), Strand of Oaks (SPOT) Sylvie Kreusch(Vera Groningen), TakeRoot (SPOT), Rock-it (SPOT), Goldband (SPOT).

Play the Related Artists Mix

Based on the all the related artists of TakeRoot 2021 artists.


Developing design systems is besides listening music my daily job. Helping companies radiating their culture through every pixel and interaction. Onwards!

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